David McConeghy, PhD in Religious Studies (UCSB 2013)

I’m David McConeghy, an independent scholar of religious studies living outside of Boston, Massachusetts. I focus on recent American religious history with an emphasis on popular culture, theory, and sacred spaces. From 2014-2016 I taught Religious Ethics and World Religions at Chapman University in Orange, California.  I have been involved with the advancement of religion and comic book studies through Sacred & Sequential and produced podcasts and review essays for the Religious Studies Project.

My completed dissertation is “Geographies of Prayer: Place and Religion in Modern America.” The beginnings of a digital database to publicize many of the sources I found while completing this project is accessible at http://dmcconeghy.com/spiritualwarfare. My recent published works include an essay on world religions in the teaching of American religious history and a co-authored essay on the history of religious studies in comic book scholarship.

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About My Images

Whenever I can I use my own photographs or open-access/ public domain images for this site. This includes:

Shaker Dance” — From The New York Public Library.

“Funeral passing over the sacred Lake of the Dead, and its arrival at the tomb on the other side. Thebes.” — From the New York Public Library.

“HOPI RELIGION: ALTAR OF THE HORNED PRIESTS” — Public Domain courtesy of UShistoryimages.com

“Kangxi dengtu” — Digital image courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program.

“Newburyport Meadows” – Public Domain courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org